Kaas Plateau – Valley of Flowers

It was a second day I woke up at 5:30 AM. I only had 5 hrs of sleep. I said to myself, why you want to wake up early on Saturday. I went to sleep again. After 5 mins I suddenly wake up.  At 6:00 AM cab driver called. Greg and I were ready to go. We have been waiting to visit Kaas since 1 year. We have read some recent blogs and thought this is the right time to visit. We picked other friends from Aundh and Karve Road. I was still sleepy and hadn’t take breakfast. We touched Pune-Banglore highway.  The route from pune to Kaas is

We stopped at one of the restaurant on highway. I don’t remember the name of it. We ate home made Poha. We knew Kaas plateau is not commercial place so there was no possibility of having any restaurant. We packed few Vada-Pav(Indian-Burger :)). It took almost 3 hrs to reach Kaas. We have registered online for today’s visit at (http://www.kas.ind.in/).

Online registration for visit to kas pathar is not mandatory.You can pay the registration charges on the check post near kas pathar,satara. Registration charges per person for kas pathar visit is Rs. 10/-It is said that there are restrictions to 2000 visitors per day, but there is no technical feasibility and logic to determine the visitor count. And looking at the response of tourists everybody is allowed to visit kas pathar, nobody till date has been banned from entering the place.

There is a single road which goes to Kaas village and on the both the side of road, little flowers makes rainbow on the ground. I saw few cars parked on both side of road. I also noticed a board “NO PARKING ZONE”. It make me angry, there are enough no of stupid people, who doesn’t care about nature. Yet come here to spoil beautiful place like this. Most of the valley is protected by fencing and people are not allowed to cross it.

I saw there are 6-7 elderly people guarding this place. They are villagers. I thought who is more literate, these elderly people who knows the importance of this beautiful place or people who came in their car, not following simple instruction written on board. We get down from the car and asked drive to park the car at paid parking.

This place is so colorful, was my first thought. It was definitely god’s own creation. The climate was really good. Sun was shining in the sky, but the wind was cold. The sun was playing hide n seek in clouds. I have not seen so many colors of flowers at the same valley. There were flowers of yellow, yellow-red, purple, blue, pink, red, white. Greg got busy taking photos with his Nikkon D-5000 and Macro Lens. Others got busy in photo session. I initially did some photography, and after some time decided to enjoy this scenic beauty. There were not much visitors which make it more enjoyable. We spend almost 2 hours at valley.

We all were hungry at this time. We headed back to parking area. After snack-Lunch we went to Kaas Lake.The Kaas Lake is again very peaceful. Water was quite clean. I took out my shoes and put foot in the water. The water was cold but after some time it felt good. I was surprised to see, this lake has not many visitors. After some time rain started to come, it wasn’t heavy but we headed back to our car. Thoseghar water fall is very famous. We thought to visit that place, but later on dropped it. We decide to get back to home early because of Ganesh Festival. On way back, I thought to visit this place in near future.


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